Whelped: 01-12-2012

GCH V rated Chancellors Yippee Ky Ya TT


Pedigree of     “Ky Ya “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE: Chancellor’s Brigadier General



 CH Chancellor Firewalker

WS06040801  CHIC#22247

 BISS AM/CAN CH Von Boylan G.Q.  WP86141305
 Chancellor Chill To The Bone


 CH Chancellor Echo of Fame  WR06929512  BISS AM/CAN CH Von Boylan G.Q.  WP86141305
 Iron Brenda Chancellor   WP74238106



CH Chancellor Bewitched N’ Beguiled LB   WS21901501  CHIC# 54856

 Multi BIS/BISS AM/CAN CH Avatar Luck Of The Draw CDX RN C/CD #1 Rottweiler Aug. 2006,ARC Top Ten 2004-2005,ARC 2005 Top Twenty winner, 2005-06 Westminster KC AOM    WS02734003  CHIC#20204  Multi V-1 Multi BISS A/C CH Von Boylan Antonio Banderas SchHIII, BST, AD, BH, TT, CGC  ARC Gold sire, MRC Hall of Fame 2002 all systems top 10 Schutzhund 3 level


CH  Von Driver’s No Speed Limit  WP87625402
CH  Iron Chancellor’s Illusion B


 Jenenk’s Uno  WP65831501
 CH Iron Barbie Chancellor  WP74238103